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A swiki (Squeak WIKI) is a wiki written in Squeak. They are fairly commonly used by the Georgia Institute of Technology's College of Computing as collaborative group web pages. It is also used in K-12 education and has been used successfully with 4th graders and higher. A Swiki has its own web server that can be set to run on ports 80, 8000, 8080 or 8888. It can coexist with Internet Information Services or Apache servers as long as they run on different ports.

A swiki consists of the Virtual Machine (VM) file (usually squeak.exe), an image file (usually squeak.image), and a set of files and folders with templates and the virtual wikis. One installation of a swiki allows a large number of virtual wikis to be created through the admin interface using any web browser. The image file and associated templates and virtual Wikis can be run on any OS as long as the VM for that OS is used.

The VM and image file are the only binary files. All of the swiki templates and pages are stored as text files using XML tags. Each new virtual Swiki goes in its own folder, and each page in the virtual swiki is numbered XML file. For example, the first page is 1.xml, the second is 2.xml, etc. History for each page is a separate XML file that used the file extension "old", e.g., 1.old, 2.old.


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