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Developer(s) OpenRoad Communications Ltd.
Stable release 3.6 / January 13, 2010; 327508210 ago[1]
Written in ASP.NET
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Intranet Knowledge management Blog Wiki
License Proprietary

ThoughtFarmer is a commercial social intranet software[2] product developed by OpenRoad Communications Ltd. in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

ThoughtFarmer is collaborative enterprise 2.0 software built on ASP.NET, for on-premise use behind the firewall[3]. ThoughtFarmer is designed to be a turnkey solution to reduce implementation time. ThoughtFarmer is recommended for Microsoft environments that can take advantage of its single sign-on with Windows Authentication, integration with Microsoft Exchange, and synchronization with Active Directory[3].

ThoughtFarmer appeared in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Social Software in 2008 and has appeared in Forrester analyst reports on social software and enterprise 2.0[4][5].


Early versions

ThoughtFarmer was originally created in 2005 as an intranet solution for Intrawest Placemaking, a division of Intrawest[6]. The goal of the project was to replace the existing static intranet with a site that would "turn every user into a contributor", inspired by Wikipedia[7]. Since then, ThoughtFarmer progressed through several iterations and was developed into product that has been adopted by organizations around the world including MEC[8],Electronic Arts, eHarmony, Guardian Media Group, Penn State University, and WATG.[9][10]

Early versions of ThoughtFarmer included features such as profiles, commenting, tagging, search, recent activity tracker, news feed on the home page, document management, wiki-style content editing and revision control, Microsoft integration, organizational chart, rich-text editor, and an employee directory[11].

Version 3.0

ThoughtFarmer version 3.0 saw the addition of blogs, discussion forums, calendars, and RSS feeds. Multilingual support with a localized interface and automatic translation features were also added.[12][13]

Version 3.5

ThoughtFarmer 3.5 added a Microsoft Exchange integration[9] feature that supported archiving of e-mail distribution lists on the intranet, as well as an improved employee directory with filters, and tree-view navigation.[14] As of June 3, 2009, the latest supported languages for ThoughtFarmer 3.5 are English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Dutch.[3]

Version 3.6

ThoughtFarmer 3.6 released on January 13, 2010 and is the latest stable version of ThoughtFarmer. 3.6 saw the introduction of three new enhancements: Personalized Home Pages, Search Filters and customizable Groups.

System requirements

According to the ThoughtFarmer home page, basic server requirements[15] are as follows:

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