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File:Ucoz logo-tr.gif
URL www.ucoz.com
Type of site Webmaster Services
Registration Required
Available language(s) English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Arabic
Owner uCoz Media
Launched 2005

uCoz is a free web hosting with built-in content management system. The modules of uCoz CMS can be used either in combination to build a full-featured website, or separately, e.g. as a blog platform, webforum etc. uCoz takes the 13th place among the sites for Russian-speaking users according to Alexa Internet.



Initially the basis of the service development was formed by the combined experience of several developers, which consisted in previous work over such services as poll and free guestbooks, as well as professional CMS script (WoCatalog Pro). After almost a year of development, on October 29, 2005, the world saw the Russian version of the system. In June 2007, the English version was officially presented, and in August — the German one. At present uCoz is also available in Spanish, French, Arabic, Hungarian, Swedish, and partially in Latvian, Ukrainian, Georgian.


uCoz CMS platform includes modules that can be used to create a fully customized site, alternatively, some modules can be used separately to create a blog, a forum etc.


Being a SaaS system, uCoz has SaaS features — closed source code, unavailability of runnig of server-side scripts and databases (all this is possible within Web 3.0 PaaS concept), which is balanced out by a great number of built-in system capabilities. Static HTML pages can be used but are not recommended – there are some limitations on their usage and uploading>.



Top Sites Russian Alexa Top 100 Sites. Alexa Internet.


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