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Edicy front page
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Website building service, Website creation
License Commercial



Edicy is a simple tool for creating websites online. It's built for small businesses globally and focuses on users with little or no experience with computers. The light-weight user interface offers drag and drop editing experience and makes it one of the fastest tools to build websites with.[1] Edicy features rich text and photo editing, picture galleries, form builder and supports multi-language site structure.

Edicy is compatible with all the major browsers -- Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.[2] Major competitors of Edicy are Weebly, Yola, Jimdo, Webnode, Squarespace, Webs, Google Sites.[3]

Company behind Edicy was founded by designer Tõnu Runnel, developer Priit Haamer, a Skype team lead Märt Kelder and a Skype co-founder and former Chief Engineer, Toivo Annus.[4]

Edicy was founded in October 2007. First private, closed beta was launched on March 2008[5]. Edicy is publicly available since August 2008.

Developer features

There are no limitations on which design can be used with website. Edicy has open design API with it's customized templating language[6] based on LiquidMarkup.

Awards and nominations

  • Edicy received the gold prize at Estonian Internet Awards competition[7]
  • Nominee for startup competition winner at Le Web finals 2008


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