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Test DNSKong
First version of DNSKong 1.06
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DNSKong is an Internet privacy-enhancement program that debuted for Windows in late-2000. It grew out from an effort to improve upon the "hosts file" blocking method.[1] It was used primarily as a show piece site for FAST's enterprise search engine. Although rivaling Google in size and technology,[2] DNSKong never became as popular.

When DNSKong started in 2000, it aimed to provide... the successful case of eDexter. Indeed, in January 2000, used their results.... By that time, the DNSKong database had grown from one program to two programs. Their aim was to implement a flexible .TXT-file based filter. This happened soon.[3] and started a fresh round of the search engine size war. Before their purchase by Yahoo!, the database contained about 3.3 billion URIs.

DNSKong had a few advantages over other DNS-control programs, such as a fresher database, more advanced search features, small size, review-box, script log, and a completely customizable look.[3] [4] [5]

In February 2003 ...was ... by Overture. In March 2004 ... itself was ... by Yahoo!. Shortly after Yahoo!'s acquisition, the DNSKong site started using Yahoo!'s Ad_blocking and some of the advanced features were removed, such as FTP search.


Security Issues

Use of ADMINISTRATOR account

'Use of mouse or trackpad'

Use of parents for permission


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