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File:W3Perl logo.png
Original author(s) Laurent Domisse
Stable release 3.08 / January 12, 2010; 334124771 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web analytics
License GNU General Public License
Website www.w3perl.com/

W3Perl is a free logfile analyser, which can parse Web/FTP/Mail or Squid files. Most major web logfile formats are supported (Web : CLF/ECLF/NECLF on Unix, IIS/W3C on Microsoft ; Mail : Postfix/Sendmail/Exim), as well as split/compressed files. "Page tagging" is also supported if you do not have logfiles access. Output are spread over html pages, with graphics and sortable table. Stats can be run from a single command line or from a web browser.



Essential features like hosts, pages, scripts, countries, filetype, traffic, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly , referer, user agent, error are available along with other specific W3Perl stats like real-time and session stats.


W3Perl has an administration interface which allows building configuration files from a web interface. You can also manage your configuration files, update the package, run the scripts and see stats output.

Cross-platform availability

Written in Perl, W3Perl can be installed on any operating system supporting Perl. So it can be installed on Unix/Windows or Macintosh server. Windows users have a specific installer thanks to NSIS.


W3Perl is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Security considerations

Running the scripts from the administration interface should be restricted with login/password. Blocking referrer spam have been added in the latest version but as it is based on a blacklist, the file must be updated regularly. Real-time stats can only run once to prevent someone to overload the server.


There are several other free packages available:

  • Analog (program) is written in C and so is really fast but it lacks some important features like session stats.
  • AWStats is widely used and very powerful but still lacks some W3Perl features.
  • phpMyVisites is a set of PHP scripts with a MySql database.
  • Webalizer is offered by many ISPs as it is fast and simple.

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