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URL http://www.wakoopa.com
Type of site Social Networking
Owner Wouter Broekhof & Robert Gaal
Created by Wouter Broekhof & Robert Gaal
Launched May 2007

Wakoopa is a social networking site that monitors the software applications its members use.



Its members learn what software their contacts use, and receive recommendations for better software.[1] The service includes a desktop tracker, which is a small application that runs in the background on a user's computer. The application gathers the information about running software and games, and then publishes the information to their profile at the web site.

Wakoopa.com has a Web 2.0 interface, and allows users to write reviews, give descriptions, and tag software. Users can form teams and have customizable profiles that display their usage to the world. Practically every aspect of the site is syndicated with RSS.

In June 2008, Wakoopa announced $1 million USD in new funding led by venture firms Big Bang Ventures and HENQ Invest.[2]

The site is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

How it works

Wakoopa uses a discreet client side tracking software that logs which programs and web applications[3] you use, which in turn is sent to your profile. The client mostly consists of a tray icon but can also inform you of alerts from Wakoopa friends and Wakoopa itself. Wakoopa tracks how long you use each application and can also provide you with software suggestions based on your software usage. There are also profiles for every appliciation listed in Wakoopa's database that are editable using a moderated system to keep the information up to date, it is also used to show the statistics of how long the application and how long the application's been used.[4]


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