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Original author(s) WaveMaker
Initial release December 16, 2007; 12 year(s) ago
Stable release 6.0.6 / November 18, 2009; 347644692 ago
Written in Java and Javascript
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Type Ajax framework
License Apache License 2.0
Website http://www.wavemaker.com

WaveMaker (formerly known as ActiveGrid) is an open source software development platform that automates much of the process for creating Java web and cloud applications. WaveMaker provides a visual rapid application development platform and is available as a free open source software download or as a hosted cloud development environment (aka Platform as a Service) running on Amazon EC2.[1]

WaveMaker allows web developers to create Ajax applications. The WaveMaker framework itself integrates Spring, ACEGI, Dojo Toolkit 1.0, authentication, LDAP, ActiveDirectory and POJOs and their products include Visual Ajax Studio for RIAs development and WaveMaker Rapid Deployment Server for Java application. [2]

Applications generated by WaveMaker community edition are licensed under the Apache license.[3] A commercial license is also available with additional enterprise security capabilities.[4]

WaveMaker applications are created using the WaveMaker studio, a WYSIWYG development studio that runs in a browser and enables drag and drop development of web applications following a Model-view-controller architecture. WaveMaker supports RAD for the web, similar to what products like MS Access, PowerBuilder and Lotus Notes provided for client server computing.[5]

WaveMaker applications run in a standard Java server based on Apache Tomcat, the Dojo Toolkit, Spring and Hibernate. Currently, it is supported on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macintosh.[6][7]

WaveMaker has also released a cloud computing version of its 4GL that runs on Amazon EC2. [8]

As an example of the level of complexity of applications that can be built using a WYSIWYG development approach for Ajax applications, the WaveMaker Studio was built using WaveMaker. [9] WaveMaker is meant for use by web developers who prefer visual tools.[5]


  • Automatic generation of Hibernate mapping, Hibernate queries from database schema import
  • Automatic creation of Enterprise Data Widgets based on schema import. Each widget can display data from a database table as a grid or edit form. Edit form implements create, update, delete functions automatically.
  • Visual, drag & drop assembly of web applications
  • WYSIWYG Ajax development studio runs in a browser
  • Developer sees live application data within the studio (LiveLayout)
  • Simplified (one-touch) deployment to Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic, Jboss
  • Data schema aware forms to edit, update, delete data (LiveForms)
  • Mashup Tool for assembling web applications based on SOAP, REST and RSS web services, Java Services and databases
  • Leverage existing CSS, HTML and Java
  • Deploys a standard Java .war file
  • Browser-based WaveMaker studio can be bundled by ISVs with their web-based application to enable user customizaton (effectively an open source alternative to Force.com)


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