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Webs (Formerly Freewebs)
Type Web hosting
Founded 2001
Founder Mokhtarzada brothers
Headquarters Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Employees 14
Website Webs.com
Available in English

Webs, formerly Freewebs, is a free website hosting service founded in 2001.



Webs began in 2001 as Freewebs, just after the dot-com bubble, as a start-up launched by Haroon[1] and Zeki Mokhtarzada after their last year at the University of Maryland, College Park.[2] Their goal was to make the Internet accessible to anyone and to protect user's rights to free speech.[3] As of April 2007, the site recorded 18 million unique visitors a month.[2] Webs sites can include blogs, forums, wikis, calendars, guestbooks, webstore, photo gallery, links, web forms, widgets, games, puzzles, videos, and designer templates. The site includes paid features such as removal of on-site advertisements as well as the inclusion of other features.

On November 14, 2008, Freewebs changed their name to Webs, but users' URLs remained in the freewebs.com domain unless they chose to change over.


Years after the name change from Freewebs to Webs, new users automatically have the domain webs.com, for example: [1] The yoursite.webs.com is the domain for every site unless you choose to pay money and buy your own domain on Webs. Webs offers two types of web hosting, one for experienced website makers and one for first time / lesser experienced site builders. The lesser experienced users can choose from a variety of "widgets" and premade site layouts. More experienced users can choose the HTML way and avoid Webs' adds that come with premade layouts which will, in turn, appear at the bottom rather than in the middle.


Webs has a credits system where you can get 5 free credits every day and spend the credits on things that usually cost money, like Google Adwords, or a domain name without .webs after it. You can also earn credits from their Freecause toolbar, like all other Freecause toolbars, you are awarded 1 credit per search.


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