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Weebly's developer page
Developer(s) David Rusenko
Dan Veltri
Chris Fanini
Stable release Beta
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Website creation
Website Weebly.com

Weebly is a free webpage creation site, funded by micro-seed fund Y Combinator. It uses a widget style format, allowing users to create pages with only a few clicks. The user drags and drops different page elements (such as images, text, and Google Maps) onto a page and fills in the content. It competes with Yola (formerly Synthasite), Jimdo, Webs, uCoz, Wix and other web hosting and creation sites [1]. The site was originally created by David Rusenko, Dan Veltri, and Chris Fanini, all of whom attended Penn State for an undergraduate degree.[2] It was named by Time Magazine as number four of the fifty best websites of 2007.[3]

In June 2008, Weebly added the WeeblyPro feature, allowing users to create password-protected pages and upgrade file size limits, as well as receive additional support services. [4] As recently as October 2008, Weebly has become compatible with Safari and Google Chrome in addition to its existing compatibility to Internet Explorer and Firefox. [5]


Since it is built on its own platform, Weebly cannot take advantage of pre-existing plugins from other popular blogging engines. [6] In December 2008 Weebly reached 1 million users. It released several new templates but at the same time received criticism for not realising the biggest feature request from users: the ability to edit or upload the CSS/HTML of the web pages. [7]. Responding to this request, on February 26, 2009 Weebly released the ability to edit the CSS and HTML of any site[8].


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