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Type of site timelines collection (wiki)
Available language(s) English, German, Dutch, Chinese
Launched 2006
Alexa rank ~1,600,000

WikiTimeScale is a wiki displaying historic persons, historic events and other historic matters graphically and interactive on a timeline. It was written in PHP, uses a MySQL database and is open source under the GNU General Public License. Its text is licenced under the GNU Free Documentation License. It was founded at the beginning of 2006 and its current version is 2.41. The images of the timelines created by WikiTimeScale are fair use given attribution.

WikiTimeScale is currently available in English, German, Dutch and Chinese. It was named as one of "Ten Innovative Wikis" by the book Wikis for Dummies.[1]

MediaWiki extension

The MediaWiki extension WikiTimeLine uses the WikiTimeScale graphic engine, adding historic events and people via metadata tags.[2]


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