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Type of site Wiki, database
Registration not possible on site
Available language(s) English
Owner Unknown
Created by Unknown
Launched March 20, 2006

Wikitruth is a website critical of the online encyclopedia project Wikipedia. Self-described as a "scandal sheet", it was created on March 20, 2006, and its final posting – a farewell notice announcing the mothballing of the site – was put up on February 5, 2009.[1]

The site argues that there are fundamental problems with the structure of Wikipedia. It highlights the reported actions and statements of prominent Wikimedia Foundation members, such as Jimmy Wales, and probes the concepts of vandalism, censorship of articles on Wikipedia, and other aspects of the Wikipedia culture.


Contributors and software

In a posting dated December 22, 2006, a Wikitruth story stated that then-current Wikipedia administrators did contribute to Wikitruth and that "some exhibits we have here can only be done by Wikipedia administrators." [2]

The Wikitruth banner.

Wikitruth ran its site on the MediaWiki software,[3] but readers could contact the editors only through e-mail; Wikitruth also promised to contact Wikipedia editors who placed the words TELL THE WIKITRUTH in Wikipedia articles or discussion pages.[4]


The first major media attention to Wikitruth was given on April 13, 2006, in an article in the British general-interest newspaper The Guardian by Andrew Orlowski, the San Francisco bureau chief for The Register, a British technology news and opinion website.[5]

File:Restore Wikitruth info.png
Screenshot provided by the Wikitruth website, demonstrating administrator access to Wikipedia

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