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XPL is a dialect of the PL/I programming language, developed in 1967, used for the development of compilers for computer languages. It was designed and implemented by a team with William McKeeman, James J. Horning, and David B. Wortman at Stanford University and the University of California, Santa Cruz. It was first announced at the 1968 Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, California.

It is the name of both the programming language and the compiler generator system (or TWS: translator writing system) based on the language.


XPL was designed just as PL/I was introduced. IBM, in designing PL/I, had largely abandoned the FORTRAN-flavored language constructs in favor of forms more like ALGOL 60 had in it, so the authors of XPL decided to base XPL on PL/I. XPL was small language whereas PL/I was not. A significant language feature of XPL was the efficient garbage-collecting of strings.

XPL was compiled by XCOM, a relatively simple bottom-up compiler. It was bootstrapped through Burroughs Algol onto the IBM System/360 computer. The compiler was distributed through the IBM SHARE users organization.



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