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XSQL combines the power of XML and SQL to provide a language and database independent means to store and retrieve SQL queries and their results.


XSQL is the combination of XML (Extensible Markup Language) and SQL (Structured Query Language) to provide a language and database independent means for storing SQL queries, clauses and query results. XSQL development is still in its infancy and welcomes suggestions for improvement (especially in the form of patches).

Currently, the XSQL project has a DTD (Document Type Definition) to define the structure of an XSQL document and researchers are currently working on modifying the XML Generator, DBI Perl module to be able to parse XSQL documents and provide a tree- and event-based API (Application Programming Interface) to their elements. These modifications are being submitted as patches to the modules maintainer, Matt Sergeant. Thus, the source code does not live at this site.

It is hoped[neutrality is disputed] that XSQL will provide an end-to-end solution for handling SQL in Perl (other languages can be supported if there is interest). Creating XSQL implementations in other languages will allow all databases to support XML without having to alter the database source code in any way. The XSQL implementations can take care of turning XSQL in SQL and turning results into XSQL.

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