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Type Private start-up
Founded September 2008
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Key people David O. Sacks
Industry Enterprise collaboration software, microblogging
Website Yammer.com

Yammer is a microblogging service launched in September 2008.[1] Like Twitter, it allows users to post updates of their activities, follow others' updates, tag content, and create memes. Unlike Twitter, Yammer focuses on businesses, and only individuals with the same email domain can join a given network.[2]



On 8 September 2008, Yammer launched live on stage at the TechCrunch50 conference:

"David Sacks, the founder of genealogy site Geni, just launched a new company called Yammer on stage at TechCrunch50. Yammer is an enterprise version of Twitter. If Twitter asks: “What Are You Doing?”, Yammer asks: “What Are You Working On?” Engineers at Geni created Yammer internally for the company’s own purposes, but Sacks liked it so much he decided to spin it off as its own company. He explains:
'The purpose is to allow co-workers to share status updates. You post updates on what you are working on. You can post news, links, ask questions, and get answers for people in your company. You can see the most prolific people and the most followed people. It is a good way to discover who is the most influential in your company.'"[3]


On September 10, 2008, Yammer won TechCrunch50. Other final jury selections included Atmosphir, Fitbit, GoodGuide, Grockit and Swype.[4]

Yammer was nominated in the Best Enterprise Startup and Best New Startup categories in The Crunchies 2008, a competition and awards ceremony put on by TechCrunch.

Business model

Yammer is a free service, but companies can claim their networks to get administrative rights and security features for three dollars per user per month.[5]

Notable users include the BBC, SunGard, Capgemini and Telefonica who have also combined Yammer with an internal video sharing service.[6]


File:Otac yammer.png
One Time Authorization Code input screen in Yammer's desktop client

In addition to standard microblogging features like posting messages, addressing messages, following people, Yammer offers the following features:

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