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Zend Server is a Web Application Server for running business-critical PHP applications[1]. It installs a complete PHP stack using installers that are native to the operating system (Zend Server supports Windows and Linux, and the community edition of Zend Server also supports Mac OS X). Zend Server includes application monitoring, problem diagnostics, performance improvement capabilities, Web administrator console, database connectivity, Java connectivity, and more. The product is supported by Zend.

The community edition of Zend Server can be used free of charge in development or production. This edition does not include monitoring, diagnostics, page caching, committed software updates and technical support.


Integration with Zend Studio and Zend Framework

Zend Server is designed for running Zend Framework applications. It includes Zend Framework and all required extensions. Zend Server's caching and acceleration ensure best performance for any application that uses Zend Framework.

Zend Server is integrated with the Zend Studio IDE. Zend Studio automatically detects installation of Zend Server and enables developers to run and debug their applications. Application problems (bugs or performance slowdowns) detected by Zend Server are viewed within Zend Studio, and developers can reproduce with the data captured by Zend Server.

Product features

  • Certified PHP
  • Zend Framework
  • Apache integration
  • IIS integration[2]
  • Database connectivity
  • Java connectivity
  • Web administrator console
  • Debugger interface
  • Bytecode acceleration
  • Caching API
  • Page caching
  • Application monitoring
  • Application problem diagnostics
  • Native installers (RPM/DEB/MSI)
  • Zend Download Server (Linux)
  • Software updates and hot fixes

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