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Beginning JavaScript

Chapter 1 - Introduction to JavaScript and the Web
Chapter 2 - Data Types and Variables
Chapter 3 - Decisions, Loops, and Functions
Chapter 4 - JavaScript—An Object-Based Language
Chapter 5 - Programming the Browser
Chapter 6 - HTML Forms—Interacting with the User
Chapter 7 - Windows and Frames
Chapter 8 - String Manipulation
Chapter 9 - Date, Time, and Timers
Chapter 10 - Common Mistakes, Debugging, and Error Handling
Chapter 11 - Storing Information—Cookies
Chapter 12 - Dynamic HTML in Early Browsers
Chapter 13 - Dynamic HTML in Modern Browsers
Chapter 14 - JavaScript and XML
Chapter 15 - Using ActiveX and Plug-Ins with JavaScript
Chapter 16 - Server-Side Scripting with ASP
Chapter 17 - Databases
Appendix A - Exercise Solutions
Appendix B - JavaScript Core Reference
Appendix C - JavaScript Client Reference
Appendix D - Latin-1 Character Set
List of Figures

Index 2

Dynamic HTML, and introducing XML
Dynamic HTML and scripting of the DOM
Introduction to JavaScript and the Web
What Is JavaScript?
JavaScript code
Tools Needed to Create JavaScript Web Applications
The script Tag and Your First Simple JavaScript Program
A Brief Look at Browsers and Compatibility Problems
Introducing the Trivia Quiz
brief introduction to JavaScript
Data Types and Variables
Types of Data in JavaScript
Variables—Storing Data in Memory
Setting Up Your Browser for Errors
Using Data—Calculations and Basic String Manipulation
Data Type Conversion
Storing the Questions Using Arrays
JavaScript's data types and variables
Exercise Questions
Decisions, Loops, and Functions
The if and switch Statements
Looping—The for and while Statements
Creating Your Own Functions
Building One of the Basic Functions
JavaScript language and its syntax
Exercise Questions
JavaScript—An Object-Based Language
A Brief Introduction to Objects
JavaScript Native Objects
length property and the sort() method
Date object
Programming the Browser
Introduction to the Browser Objects
location object, the navigator object, the history object, the screen object, and the document object
Exercise Questions
HTML Forms—Interacting with the User
HTML Forms
HTML Elements in Forms
Creating the Form
HTML form groups
Visual Basic
Windows and Frames
Frames and the window Object
Opening New Windows
Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer
String Manipulation
split(), replace(), search(), and match() methods
Regular Expressions
The String Object—split(), replace(), search(), and match() Methods
Using the RegExp Object's Constructor
String object
regular expression
Date, Time, and Timers
World Time
Timers in a Web Page
Universal Time Coordination (UTC time)
Common Mistakes, Debugging, and Error Handling
Common Mistakes
Microsoft Script Debugger
Venkman Debugger
Error Handling
learning JavaScript
deliberate bug
Storing Information—Cookies
A Fresh Baked Cookie
Creating a Cookie
Getting a Cookie's Value
Cookie Limitations
Cookie Security
object's cookie property

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