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6rounds Webcam Chat Platform
Company GixOO LTD.
Type Private
Launched July 2009
Slogan See You Around
Headquaters Tel Aviv, Israel
Key People Dany Fishel, CEO
Ilan Leibovich, COO
Dmitry Shestek, CTO
Zeev Bregman, Chairman
Uri Shinar, Board Member
Daniel Recanati, Board Member
Yaron Kniajer, Board Member
Website www.6rounds.com
6rounds Blog
Platform Cross-platform

6rounds is a video communication platform[1]. It is an (online) live meeting point that incorporates real-time communication and interactive features[2].

6rounds is the first product of GixOO LTD. which was incorporated in April, 2008[3]. The company was founded by two Israeli entrepreneurs, CEO Dany Fishel and COO Ilan Leibovich. 6rounds launched their website in July 2009 and are currently in beta. The website is scheduled to go public in the third quarter of 2010.

GixOO LTD. is financed by Startup Factory, Rhodium and additional private and angel investors. As of 2010, they have received $2 million in a pre-seed round of funding. They are headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Technically, 6rounds is a fully video enabled real-time meeting point with social networking capabilities, collaborative browsing, chat, multi-player gaming and built-in social recommendation features that can be expanded through an open API[4].

6rounds was selected to be one of Google Wave's first featured extensions[5].


Features and uses

6rounds users create their own (embeddable) personal slide show to inform other users about themselves[6]. Users connect through messaging and video chats (referred to as rounds). They initiate rounds either by inviting a specific person or by joining a specified room based on activity, game or topic. Once users join a specified round they are systematically matched with another user interested in the same type of round.

While chatting, users can do an array of activities together, from watching videos on YouTube, to co-browsing on Facebook, to playing games such as chess, backgammon, checkers, truth or dare and others.

6rounds is not a destination site, and wants to enable users to interact socially in real-time regardless of what their favorite social network is[7].

External features

The 6rounds platform offers an open API which allows third party integrations, from small scaled modifications to full blown white-label solutions. They are currently working on a facebook application as well as partnerships with social networks and messaging services. 6rounds was one of the first Google Wave extensions to be featured and the only video chat experience to be revealed at the Google Wave beta launch[8]. Lars Rasmussen, Engineering Manager at Google says “The 6rounds extension brings another level of collaboration to Google Wave and we’re excited to see how people use it.”


In a crowded sphere of video chat software, 6rounds has been criticized for not bringing any technological innovations. The platforms activity elements of watching YouTube videos, browsing the net and facebooking together have been said to be unnessesary additions to the personal act of internet surfing[9]. In addition, 6rounds Google Wave extension was called a wierd and fun video chat gadget.[10]. Currently, 6rounds does not fully support Linux.




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