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AJAX.OOP is an open source JavaScript framework distributed under MIT License. Providing with OOP-style coding engine and AJAX requests handling functionality to create web2.0 components. Due to OOP paradigm AJAX.OOP library can be easily extended with additional functionality or used as core for other projects.

The JavaScript OOP Library

AJAX.OOP is a fast and scalable JavaScript Library that provides with possibility to create JavaScript/AJAX components in object oriented way.

Main feature - strong OOP paradigm implementation which actually has difference with the most other implementations. AJAX.OOP engine allows to:

  • Create classes with object-like defining syntax
  • Inherit classes (both AJAX.OOP-style defined and created with native JavaScript code)
  • Aggregate classes (including aggregation of self and parent class with special operators this.$_self and this.$_super)
  • Define constructors as they are (name = 'constructor')
  • Override parent class properties and methods (but call parent if you need by using special access operator this.$super)
  • Access/call any parent properties and/or methods from any method of child class (just use this.$super accessor whenever you need to access parent properties and methods)
  • Use strict defined objects with workable 'instanceof' operator on them when instantiating an exemplars of AJAX.OOP classes

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