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Afnix (developed under the name Aleph until 2003) is a multi-threaded functional programming language with dynamic symbol bindings that support the object-oriented programming paradigm.

Afnix's runtime engine supports both 32- and 64-bit platforms, and comes with a large set of platform-independent libraries.

The Afnix interpreter is written in C++ and provides runtime integration with it that includes the ability to instantiate C++ classes, use virtual methods and raise and catch exceptions. An explicit API is provided to ease the integration of foreign libraries.

Afnix is available for various UNIX platforms (among other options, it is available as a Debian package and is also part of the FreeBSD port collection). The documentation includes a user guide and reference material. Afnix is free software.


Built-in objects 
More than 50 reserved keywords and predicates. Various containers like list, vector, hash table, bitset, and graphs.
Functional programming 
Support for lambda expression with explicit closure. Symbol scope limitation with gamma expression. Form like notation with an easy block declaration.
Object oriented 
Single inheritance object mechanism with dynamic symbol resolution. Native class derivation and method override. Static class data member and methods.
Multi-threaded engine 
True multi-threaded engine with automatic object protection mechanism against concurrent access. Read and write locking system and thread activation via condition objects.
Original regular expression 
Built-in regular expression engine with group matching, exact or partial match and substitution.

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