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Designed by Phil Winterbottom
Influenced by Newsqueak
Influenced Limbo
OS Plan 9 from Bell Labs

The Alef programming language was designed by Phil Winterbottom of Bell Labs as part of the Plan 9 operating system.

In a February 2000 slideshow, Rob Pike noted: "…although Alef was a fruitful language, it proved too difficult to maintain a variant language across multiple architectures, so we took what we learned from it and built the thread library for C."


This example was taken from Alef Language Reference Manual. The piece illustrates the use of Tuple data type.

 (int, byte*, byte) 
  return (10, "hello", ’c’); 
   int a; 
   byte* str; 
   byte c; 
   (a, str, c) = func(); 

See also

  • Limbo - A direct successor of Alef. The Limbo programming language is the most commonly used language in the Inferno operating system.
  • Plan 9 from Bell Labs - The original environment where Alef was developed.



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