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Developer(s) AG Projects
Stable release 0.14.6 / January 19, 2010; 389749945 ago
Written in Python
Operating system Mac OS X
Size 11M
Available in English
License GPL License
Website [1]

Blink is a fully featured SIP client for Mac OS X.

The application is written in Python and Cocoa, a QT port for Window and Linux is currently under construction.

It uses Session Initiation Protocol for signaling and features beyond Voice over IP also Instant Messaging, File Transfer and Desktop Sharing session based on MSRP protocol.

Blink is distributed as free software under GPL version 3 license.


Voice over IP

  • HD Audio (G722/Speex)
  • PSTN Compatible (G711, GSM)
  • Encryption (sRTP)
  • Audio Recording
  • Multiparty Conferencing

Instant Messaging

  • Chat Sessions (MSRP)
  • Encryption (TLS)
  • Rich-Text and Emoticons
  • Composing Indication

File Transfers

  • Exchange Files (MSRP)
  • Encryption (TLS)
  • Drag and Drop Photos
  • Works behind NAT
  • Retry Transfers

Desktop Sharing

  • Help Family Remotely
  • Collaboration at Work
  • Surf Internet Together
  • Integrated with HD Audio
  • Works behind NAT


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