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Bon was a programming language created by Ken Thompson while he worked on the MULTICS operating system.

Bon was named either after Thompson's wife Bonnie or else, after "a religion whose rituals involve the murmuring of magic formulas" (a reference to the Tibetan native religion Bön).[1]


  1. Dennis M. Ritchie (March 1993). "The Development of the C Language". ACM SIGPLAN Notices 28 (3): 201–208. doi:10.1145/155360.155580. "[The B language's] name most probably represents a contraction of BCPL, though an alternate theory holds that it derives from Bon [Thompson 69], an unrelated language created by Thompson during the Multics days. Bon in turn was named either after his wife Bonnie, or (according to an encyclopedia quotation in its manual), after a religion whose rituals involve the murmuring of magic formulas.". 
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