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Slogan Let's get it, together
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Electronic Commerce
Registration None
Available language(s) English
Launched May, 2009
Current status Online

BuyWithMe is a group buying website allowing consumers to leverage group buying power to get large discounts with local merchants.[1] The company is headquartered in Boston.[2] Funding was obtained via a group of angel investors. BuyWithMe's first market was Boston, where restaurants including UFood Grill and Stone Hearth Pizza were initial customers. San Diego and Washington DC[3] followed. As of October 2009, BuyWithMe serves 4 markets and has currently ~150k unique visitors per month according to BuyWithMe's major competitors are Groupon and[4]

Business Model

BuyWithMe introduces one new deal every day in each of the local markets it servers. The deal is mailed to all local BuyWithMe customers, made available on the company's website and distributed through a network of group buying media partnerships. The deal only completes if a minimum number of consumers sign up, therefore assuring the merchant a minimum return.[5] The value proposition for a merchant is the ability to attract new customers with a one time offer that has minimal impact on its brand equity.


BuyWithMe received $5.5M funding from Matrix Partners, a top US venture firm, and from select angel investors. [5]</ref>


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