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Developer(s) Vimukti Technologies
Stable release 1.2 / February 19, 2009; 418612085 ago
Written in Java/Eclipse
Platform Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Collaborative software, File Sharing, Groupware
License Proprietary

Collaber is a collaboration software built on Eclipse Software RCP. Collaber Features include File sharing, Task management, Shared Calendar, Group Discussion. It contains Tools like Address Book, Backup Tool, Calendar, Chat, Discussion, Database, File Tool, Tasks, Notepad, Picture, Polls, Shared Folder, Wiki and Web Links Tool. Now Collaber 1.1 is released with completely new architecture, which will enable users to download their account information from anywhere and any device.

Most of the functionality of Collaber appears to be similar to Microsoft Groove. But unlike Groove which is limited to Microsoft Windows platform, Collaber is supported on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Even though it was originally designed on P2P architecture similar to Microsoft Groove, it switched to client server model. It appears to have better reliability compared to P2P model.

Collaber client will automatically synchronized with the Collaber Server when it connects to internet. Any changes done in any workspace will be sent to all other members when it is synchronized. Users of Collaber can install it in any number of systems. All those installations always stay in sync so that you will see the same data in any system without any manual intervention.

The concept of Workspace is core to the working Collaber. Users can create workspace. Workspace can have any of the 15 built in tools. All the tools and the data in side each tool is shared with all members of the workspace.

Collaber is developed by Vimukti Technologies which is based in Hyderabad, India.


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