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This is a comparison of popular Internet applications in regards to their support of the IPv6 protocol.


IPv6 support table

Application Category IPv6 supported? Zone ID supported? Earliest version # with IPv6 support Notes Reference links
AbsoluteTelnet SSH client, Telnet client, SFTP Client Yes No 5.01 Supports SSH, Telnet, and SFTP [1]
Active Directory LDAP server
Apache httpd Web server Yes Template:N/a 2.0.14 "Virtual hosts on IPv6 addresses are broken in versions until 2.0.28" [2]
Apple Mail e-mail client Yes
BIND DNS server Yes Template:N/a
BSD Telnet Console application Yes Yes 1.2? Telnet and telnetd from OpenBSD.
CUPS Digital printing Yes 1.2 [3]
cURL File transfer software Yes
ffproxy Proxy server Yes 1.5 Non-caching proxy.
FileZilla FTP, FTPS and SFTP client Yes 3.1.0-beta1 [4][5]
ftp.exe Console application Yes Yes 5.1 (XP) Standard Windows FTP client.
Google Chrome Web browser Yes Initial
Hiawatha Web server Yes Template:N/a 6.0
IIS Web server Yes Template:N/a 6.0
Internet Explorer Web browser Yes No 4.01 Versions before 7.0 may not be able to handle numerical addresses. Macintosh versions do not support IPv6. [6][7][8]
Irssi IRC client Yes 0.7.15 [9]
Java Programming language Yes Yes 1.4.2 Support on Windows XP/2003 was added in Java 1.5.0 [10][11][12]
Konqueror Web browser Yes Yes 2.2 [13]
lighttpd Web server Yes Template:N/a
Linux CIFS VFS SMB/CIFS client Yes 1.49 cifs vfs version 1.48 is part of kernel 2.6.21 [14]
Linux NetKit ftp Console application Yes Yes 0.17? Standard Linux FTP client.
Linux NetKit Telnet Console application Yes Yes 0.17? Standard Linux telnet client and server.
Microsoft DNS DNS server Yes Template:N/a 5.0 (2000) Windows 2000 DNS can handle AAAA records, but the operating system does not ship with IPv6. [15]
Microsoft Outlook e-mail client Yes 2003?
mIRC IRC client No
Mozilla / SeaMonkey Web browser Yes IPv6 is not preferred by default on Mac OS X. [16] [17] [18]
Mozilla Firefox Web browser Yes Yes 1.5 IPv6 is not preferred by default on Mac OS X in Firefox 1.5 or 2.0, only in 3.0. [19] [20]
Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client Yes Version 2.0 & later appears to work with Mac OS X Version 10.4.9. [21]
Nmap Console application Yes Yes 3.10ALPHA1 Zone ID support since version 4.65 [22]
Nortel Networks VPN client VPN client  ? [23]
Novell eDirectory LDAP server
OpenLDAP LDAP server Yes 2.0.0 [24]
OpenSSH SSH client/server Yes Yes
OpenVPN VPN client Planned 2.0 Does not support "server mode" in IPv6: multiple tunnels require separate ports. [25]
Opera Web browser Yes No 7.20b IPv6 support on Macintosh was added in Opera 9.0 [26] [27] [28] [29]
Outlook Express e-mail client No Template:N/a Windows Mail on the Windows Vista platform has IPv6 support. [30]
Pidgin Instant messenger Yes 2.0 (GAIM had support in older builds) IPv6 is enabled on Linux builds, but not on Win32 builds. [31]
Polipo Proxy server Yes No 0.8 Can be used for proxying between IPv4 and IPv6
Privoxy Proxy server Yes 3.0.13 beta [32] [33]
PuTTY SSH client Yes Yes 0.58 Fully functional (also Zone ID's) from 0.59 [34]
Quagga Routing software Yes Template:N/a OSPFv3 area support is incomplete. [35] [36]
rsync differential file synchronizer Yes 2.5.0 native IPv6 support since 2.5.0, but hosts allow/deny in rsync.conf didn't work until 2.5.6. [37] [38]
Safari Web browser Yes No [39]
Samba SMB/CIFS client/server Yes 3.2.0 [40]
Simple DNS Plus DNS server Yes Template:N/a 5.0 (Jan 2008) [41]
SmartFTP FTP and SFTP client Yes
srelay SOCKS server Yes Template:N/a
Squid cache Proxy server Yes 3.0STABLE1 Development work has been intermittent from 2001-2007. [42] [43]
telnet.exe Console application Yes Yes 5.1 (XP) Standard Windows telnet client.
TightVNC VNC Template:Optional Protocol version 3.5 Experimental IPv6 builds were made available in 2004. [44]
tinc VPN client Yes 1.0 Defaults to IPv6; can be set to IPv4-only. [45]
Trillian Instant Messenger  ?
UDP Speed Test 3 Network Speed Test Tool Yes Yes 3.05 Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast, Anycast. [46]
VLC Multimedia player Yes
Wget File transfer software Yes 1.9? May default to IPv4 transfers: use the "-6" option to override. [47]
Winamp Multimedia player Yes 5.34 [48]
Windows Media Player Multimedia player Yes 9.0? [49]
Windows File and print sharing SMB/CIFS client/server Yes 5.2 (Server 2003) Windows XP does not support IPv6 at the SMB/CIFS layer. The protocol is available for other applications ("ipv6 install" pre-SP1; protocol install afterwards). [50] [51] [52]
WWWOFFLE Proxy server Yes No 2.6d [53]
XChat IRC client Yes 1.7.0 [54]
xinetd Networking daemon Yes 1.89 Version 2.3.3 or newer recommended to avoid security issues. [55]
µTorrent BitTorrent client Yes 1.8

Programs that bridge IPv4 with IPv6

  • 6tunnel & NT6tunnel: IPv4-IPv6 port proxy
  • stone: can be used to provide IPv4 ports at the IPv6 layer. [56]
  • 46Bouncer: IPv4-IPv6 bridging application; last updated in late 2001. [57]
  • Perdition mail retrieval proxy can connect IPv6 POP/IMAP clients with IPv4 POP/IMAP servers and vice-versa

In addition to the above specific tools, many client/server applications can be configured to go through a double-stack HTTP or SOCKS proxy to reach the other Internet. Those that cannot can often use an SSH tunnel.

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