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Delphi Prism is a rapid application development tool for the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono, developed by RemObjects Software and distributed by Embarcadero Technologies.

Delphi Prism is based on the Oxygene language and compiler, integrated within the Microsoft Visual Studio and (currently in beta) MonoDevelop IDEs. It also includes Embarcadero’s DataSnap multi-tier application development technology, dbExpress database connectivity to the InterBase and Blackfish SQL databases, and the Internet Pack component library.


Delphi Prism is available in two editions:

Delphi Prism Professional
Delphi Prism Professional is the base edition of the product and includes the IDE with integrated Delphi Prism language, local database access to InterBase and Blackfish SQL as well as a copy of the Blackfish SQL database.
Delphi Prism Enterprise
Delphi Prism Enterprise includes the features of the Professional edition plus DataSnap, remote server database connectivity for InterBase and Blackfish SQL, and a more generous Blackfish SQL deployment license.

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