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Commercial? Yes
Type of site Document sharing
Created by Clive Mendes, Vito Fortunato, Andy Gilbert
Launched 2008
Current status Online

Doxmart (previously Scriptor) is a UK based, international document sharing portal with its HQ based in Leicester, England. It also has offices in Italy and Germany. The company was formed in 2007 and was founded by 3 people. Clive Mendes, Vito Fortunato and Andy Gilbert.



The idea of a document sharing website was initially conceived by Clive Mendes, after he lent his friend Vito Fortunato a negotiations template that he perfected over 20 years in business. Clive Mendes decided to try to market his template. Mendes devised the concept of Doxmart and took the idea back to Vito. Vito Fortunato had a background in telecommunications and consumer electronics. Andy Gilbert joined the company in 2007.

Initial research had shown that while document sharing sites already existed, there was no centralized location for these types of sites. Existing sites were also generally limited to pure text-based content. Doxmart decided to also implement audio and video features in addition to plain text.


Doxmart was developed as a two tier web application. It allows the user to both buy and sell documents in a system similar to eBay's. It uses a commission-based system with a one time hosting payment for sellers. Sellers must pay a small fee to upload their document so the company can recoup the cost of keeping quality high.

Users considering buying a document can check its relevancy[clarification needed] using the Doxmart preview feature, which is unique in the extensive number of file types it supports.


Doxmart was designed to be globally accessible, including to non-English speaking areas. The company intends to concentrate primarily on localisation and translation for Eurasia, but has the goal of having a network of translators for all the major world dialects.

Revenue Model

Doxmart wholly acquires revenue from the sale of documents. It is not advertising supported. A small percentage of each sale goes to Doxmart.


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