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Developer(s) Team and Concepts
Stable release November 2008 Release (rev 24787)  (21st November, 2008) [+/−]
Preview release November 2008 Release (rev 24787)  (21st November, 2008) [+/−]
Operating system Any (Web-based application)
Available in Multilingual (9)
Type Online spreadsheet
Website http://www.editgrid.com/

EditGrid is a Web 2.0 spreadsheet service. It offers both a free-of-charge service to personal users and a subscription service to organisations and is available on a number of partner sites and channels[1].

EditGrid is one of the players in the emerging market of online spreadsheets[2] along with Google Spreadsheets and Zoho Sheet.



EditGrid is developed, provided and maintained by Team and Concepts, a Hong Kong-based company. The first public beta release of EditGrid was launched on 7 April 2006. It registered its 10,000th personal user in November 2006[3]. In January 2007 EditGrid started to offer organisation accounts for free trial and also became available on Salesforce.com's AppExchange platform[4]. On 14 February 2007[5][6], EditGrid officially declared out-of-beta and launched its subscription service.

In June 2007, EditGrid announced a $1.25 million series A investment from the WI Harper Group[7].

EditGrid announced a series of changes to its business in September 2009[8].


Touted as the most advanced and well-polished Ajax-enabled spreadsheet[9][10], EditGrid includes features for shared access and online collaboration[11] on top of conventional spreadsheet functionalities. Its Real-Time Update (RTU) feature allows multiple users to see changes on a spreadsheet immediately, and is considered a winning feature among similar products[12]. Its Remote Data feature can retrieve live data on the web[13], while its My Data Format (MDF) feature allows users to customise the output format using XSLT, such as live KML for Google Earth[14]. Other features include multiple access control levels, revision history[15], charting, live chat, permalinks and more than 500 spreadsheet functions.

Apart from access from its main site, spreadsheets hosted on EditGrid can be accessed on third-party websites by means of its post-to-blog feature.

In September 2007, the EditGrid iPhone Edition was launched at the Office 2.0 Conference[16].

In September 2008, EditGrid launched its JavaScript Macro support, enabling user-programmed macros to manipulate EditGrid spreadsheets using JavaScript[17].

Integration and interoperability

EditGrid is available as a module on Netvibes, Pageflakes and Google Personalized Homepage[18]. EditGrid is also available on Salesforce.com's AppExchange platform[19][20].

EditGrid also forms part of the offering of Central Desktop[21], ShareOffice[22] and ThinkFree Office[23].

In addition, developers can make use of the EditGrid API to build custom applications. There are a number of EditGrid add-ons that mash up other services. One of these, Grid2Map, turns longitude-latitude pairs into placemarks on Google Maps[24].



In addition to the default English version, EditGrid is available in eight languages: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, largely thanks to a community localisation project[25].

Organisation account

EditGrid is available to organisation users on a software-as-a-service basis. Organisation users enjoy SSL-encrypted traffic, user account administration and management reports on top of the features available to personal users[26]. EditGrid organisation accounts has become completely free-of-charge for all users since September 2009[8].

Software architecture

EditGrid is developed on an open-source software architecture. It runs on Catalyst as the web application framework and uses Gnumeric as its back-end support. It adopts Ajax technology at the front-end[27].


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