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Elliott ALGOL (also known simply as Extended ALGOL) was the Burroughs-specific extension of the ALGOL 60 programming language designed system and application programming in Burroughs large systems.

Elliott ALGOL was used to write the ESPOL compiler for the B5500, B6500, B6700 members of the Burroughs large systems series.

Burroughs Extended ALGOL and Elliott ALGOL formed the basis (in a simplified form) of a language used at NetComm (Australia) limited for their Apple II programming language SDL, developed by Owen Reddecliffe.

Burroughs Extended Algol is also used to develop a suite of system software and utility programs on the (Now Unisys) Mainframes. Algol is closely tied in to the Unisys hardware architecture, and has powerful features for bit manipulation and string manipulation. The single pass compiler enables and encourages disciplined programming practices.

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  • Burroughs B6700 Extended ALGOL Language Information Manual, No. 5000128, July 1971

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