GNU Common Lisp

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GNU Common Lisp
Developer(s) The GNU Project
Stable release 2.6.7 / August 10, 2005; 536673047 ago
Operating system Unix-like
Type Interpreter & Compiler
License GPL

GNU Common Lisp (GCL) is the GNU Project's Common Lisp compiler, an evolutionary development of Kyoto Common Lisp. It produces native object code by first generating C code and then calling a C compiler.

Although it does not yet fully comply with the ANSI Common Lisp specification, GCL is the implementation of choice for several large projects including the mathematical tools Maxima, AXIOM and ACL2. GCL runs under eleven different architectures on Linux, and also under Microsoft Windows, the Solaris Operating System, and FreeBSD.

GCL has not had a release since 2005, although binaries for Windows were produced in early 2008. Development is still very active on the CVS repository.

This Lisp system keeps the memory image as small as possible, so on modern computers it needs tuning the default memory allocation scheme [1]



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