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Gmail Mobile is a version of Google's Gmail email service. It is a free service, developed to provide access to Gmail from mobile devices such as cell phones, or smartphones like the Treo.

In order to use the service a user will need a Gmail account and a mobile device that meets the following requirements:

Gmail Mobile was released on December 16, 2005 and is available in many different languages.[2].




Gmail Mobile offers many of the features as Gmail delivered effectively to smaller, mobile screens. Users have the ability to compose, read, reply, forward, mark unread, add a star or trash email messages.


Gmail Mobile enables users to open attachments in messages, including photos, documents in Microsoft Word, and PDF files. However, users are not allowed to upload files as attachments in Gmail Mobile.


Gmail Mobile is synchronized with Gmail. Logging in to Gmail Mobile via a mobile device is essentially the same as logging in to Gmail from a desktop computer. For example, when a user sends an email using Gmail Mobile, it appears as sent email from Gmail and vice versa.

Reply by Call

If a Gmail Mobile user has stored the phone number of an email sender in his or her contact list, an opened message can be replied to either by return text message or by calling that person’s number.[3]

Device Optimization

Gmail Mobile will attempt to optimize the screen for the connecting device.


Gmail Mobile faces competition from Microsoft’s MSN Mobile and Yahoo! Mobile.


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