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Google Code Search
File:Google Code Search.png
Developer(s) Google
Operating system Any (web based application)
Type Code search engine

Google Code Search is a free beta product from Google which debuted in Google Labs on October 5, 2006 allowing web users to search for open-source code on the Internet.

Features include the ability to search using operators. These are lang:, package:, license: and file:.

The code available for searching is in various formats including tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar, and .zip, CVS and Subversion repositories as well as snippets from HTML pages such as Wikipedia itself.


Regular expression engine

The site allows the use of regular expressions in queries, which is not offered by any other search engine for code.[citation needed] This makes it resemble grep, but over the world's public code. The methodology employed has not been disclosed by Google, but appears to have combined precomputed indices with a POSIX compliant regular expression engine.[citation needed][original research?]

Google Code Search supports POSIX extended regular expression syntax, excluding back-references, collating elements, and collation classes.[1]

Supported languages

The list of officially supported languages is constantly changing. The following list is correct as of 10 June 2008 (2008 -06-10):[2]

Languages not officially supported can still be searched for using the file: operator to match the common file extensions for the language.

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