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Google Notebook

Google Notebook Screenshot
Developer(s) Google
Stable release / 2008-08-21
Type Electronic notebook

Google Notebook is a free online application offered by Google that allows users to save and organize clips of information while conducting research online. The browser-based tool permits a user to write notes, clip text and images, and save links from pages during a browser session. The information is saved to an online "notebook" with sharing and collaboration features. Notebooks can be made "public", or visible to others, and can also be used to collaborate with a list of users (either publicly or privately).

A "lite" version of the Google notebook, with a reduced feature set, is available as a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This extension allows clipping information from the web without leaving the displayed page, by means of a context menu option. The latest version of the Firefox extension is

A few months after the Firefox extension was released, Google added a "Note this" link to each Google search result when users are logged in. Clicking on it opens up an AJAX user interface near the bottom right of the screen just like the extension, but without the need for installing a browser add-on.

Notebooks may contain headings and notes. New notes go at the bottom of a notebook, unless an insertion point (any specific note or section) has been pre-selected in the mini-notebook sub-window. Using the full-page notebook view, drag-and-drop features allow moving and reorganizing notes within a notebook, or between notebooks. It is also possible to export one's notebooks to Google Documents. As of November 1, 2007 labeling has now become available.

Google Notebook was announced on May 10, 2006 and made available May 15, 2006. In early 2009 Google announced that they were stopping development on the service [1]: ==See also==



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