Heritage Web Solutions

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Heritage Web Solutions
Type Private
Founded 2001
Headquarters Provo, Utah, United States
Area served Worldwide
Key people David Aitken, CEO
Industry Internet technology services
Services Web design, web hosting
Revenue US$11.6 million (2007)
Employees 200 in-house
500 contract
Website Heritage Web Solutions

Heritage Web Solutions is a web design and web hosting company located in Provo, Utah and founded in 2001 which specializes in creating custom websites for small and medium-sized businesses.[3] According to Inc.com's Inc. 5000, in 2007 it was the fastest growing company in Utah, the 3rd fastest growing IT company in the United States, and the 22nd fastest growing company overall.[4] The company was ranked 392nd for 2008 in the Inc. 500 list,[2] and 49th in the list of top 100 IT companies.[2]

The company started with a small investment from the then-larger Heritage Group, which is now entirely focused on this firm.[5] Former CEO Brad Stone told the Deseret Morning News that due to the growth of his firm and others near Provo (which is also home to a large Novell facility) that the company had to begin hiring telecommuting programmers in order to keep up with demand.[6] The Economic Report, a syndicated business and economy television program hosted by Greg Gumbel, announced in October 2008 that it would be featuring Heritage in an upcoming episode.[7]



Heritage Web Solutions was started in 2001 by David Aitken with US $1000, startup money given to him by the owners of a mortgage refinancing company where Aitken was a manager.[5] By 2005, the startup company had grown from one part-time employee to 65 employees, and the parent company had folded in favor of the new company.[5] The company now has over 700 employees (including contract workers)[1] and is planning to expand into the United Kingdom by the end of 2008.[2]


Heritage is not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau, although it previously had been accredited by the BBB for a number of years, during which time it had a "satisfactory" rating with the BBB. As of November, 2009 Heritage Web Solutions has a "D-" rating by the BBB under the BBB's new rating system. [8]

The BBB has received a total of 1,463 complaints regarding Heritage Web Solutions. The complaints to the BBB generally appear to be about service delays, customer service issues and refunds. Of the 1,463 complaints reported, 59 have been resolved and 4 were administratively closed by the BBB. The BBB website for this company states "The company states they are anxious to resolve their customer concerns....It is BBB policy to encourage consumers to attempt to resolve complaints with a company directly prior to contacting the BBB."[8]


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