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Paradigm Concurrent
Appeared in 1994
Designed by Rob Pike, Luca Cardelli
Developer Bell Labs
Typing discipline Strong
Influenced by C, CSP
Influenced Alef, Limbo, Go

Newsqueak is a concurrent programming language for writing application software for windowing systems. It was designed at Bell Labs by Rob Pike and Luca Cardelli in the early 1990s.

Newsqueak's syntax and semantics are influenced by the C programming language, but its approach to concurrency was inspired by Hoare's Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP). However, in Newsqueak, channels are first-class objects, with dynamic process creation and dynamic channel creation.

Newsqueak was developed from an earlier, smaller, language, called Squeak (not to be confused with the Smalltalk implementation of the same name). This was developed by the same authors as a language for graphical user interface implementation.

The ideas present in Newsqueak were further developed in the Alef, Limbo and Go programming languages.

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