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Nosica is an object oriented programming language with a syntax somewhat similar to Java.

Nosica was originally created to provide the power of C++ along with the simple syntax of Java, although the syntax has since slowly evolved away from the Java syntax for greater simplicity and ease-of-use.

Nosica is written in Java and compiles to C. Nosica is developed as a free software project under the GNU GPL. The compiler is currently in an early stage of development.

Nosica's main features are :

  • operators (with a simple way for declaring them infix/postfix/prefix)
  • genericity and constraint over genericity
  • automatic delegation via the 'proxy' keyword
  • multiple interface inheritance and single class inheritance
  • distinction between reference and primitive type
  • very few First Class Objects (FCO)
  • garbage collected
  • invariant
  • multiple dispatch of methods (allowing covariant methods to be defined)
  • tuples
  • simple syntax
  • metadata

The language is still evolving and, according to its website, not very usable yet.

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