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ProVerif is the leading software tool for automated reasoning about the security properties found in cryptographic protocols. The tool has been developed by Bruno Blanchet and is based upon over a decade of theoretical research.

Support is provided for, but not limited to, cryptographic primitives including: symmetric & asymmetric cryptography; digital signatures; hash functions; bit-commitment; and signature proofs of knowledge. The tool is capable of evaluating reachability properties, correspondence assertions and observational equivalence. These reasoning capabilities are particular useful to the computer security domain since they permit the analysis of secrecy and authentication properties. Moreover, emerging properties such as privacy, traceability and verifiability can also be considered. Protocol analysis is considered with respect to an unbounded number of sessions and an unbounded message space. Moreover, the tool is capable of attack reconstruction: when a property cannot be proved, an execution trace which falsifies the desired property is constructed.

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