Pure MediaLibrary

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Pure MediaLibrary
Stable release Alpha 1 / April 11, 2008; 445739590 ago
Written in PureBasic
Operating system POSIX-compatible
Available in English, Italian
Development status Active
Type Media library
License GNU General Public License
Website http://puremedialib.sourceforge.net/

Pure MediaLibrary is a GUI-based free software media library for Linux.

Pure MediaLibrary is not a media player, but rather works independently from a media player, with the ability to generate an M3U playlist and starting a media player to play it. Pure MediaLibrary uses Taglib and Perl with Audio:WMA to retrieve tags from mp3 and wma audio files.


It was created to allow people who use media players without a media library (e.g. Audacious) to have almost all of the features of a media library, in a small, unskinned package.

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