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ServeMeHere is a community-based site where independent contractors offer mobile professional services and individuals or companies can find them. The site is open to any professional service that can be contracted, including accountants, cleaning, copywriters, handymen, massage therapists, veterinarians, performing artists, pet groomers, real estate brokers, translators, private tutors or web designers. Users can locate mobile professional service providers by browsing listings in their local area, or by searching for rate or quality of service provided. The service is only available in the United States.

The site defines the various services available into four large categories: 1) Do it For Me (e.g. designers, writers) 2) Take Care of Me (e.g. private chefs) 3) Teach Me (e.g. music tutors) 4) Be With Me (e.g. home care provider). There is information available about each professional, including details about services, experience, license(s), testimonials, and feedback/rating.

As a community-based site, the feedback users leave for the service providers offers a way for new clients to trust providers and rewards good work. It allows both for services done online (telecommunicating) and on-site work. Payment is generally made at the time of service directly to the professional. For more involved projects professionals usually offer a consultation or price quotation before the service begins.

The site has gained a footing in an otherwise crowded industry for freelancers and mobile professional services because it lets users schedule appointments online. Professionals post their appointment schedule and clients can choose the specific time or deadline for the project. The professional service provider contacts the client by phone or email to confirm the time of service and location, which is often the home or office.

In the past, independent contractors for mobile professional services were located and hired by personal recommendation and directories (e.g. yellow pages). ServeMeHere is part of a broader trend of moving professional service hiring from offline to online. Recommendations can now be made by the site’s users, and the directory is searchable, making it more efficient for individuals or companies to find professionals in their area quickly and easily.

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