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Ruby is a scripting language that was introduced to Sketchup in SketchUp 4. Many developers of "Rubies" (Ruby-coded SketchUp extensions) make their works freely available to the SketchUp community. SketchUp Ruby developers and users share their ideas on SketchUp Rubies in the SketchUp Ruby Forum,[1]


Ruby Application Programming Interface (API)

SketchUp contains a Ruby application programming interface (API) for users who are familiar with (or willing to learn) Ruby scripting and want to extend the functionality of SketchUp. This interface allows users to create macros, such as automated component generators and additional tools, to be included in the menus within SketchUp. In addition to the API, SketchUp also includes a Ruby console, which is an environment where developers can experiment with Ruby commands and methods.[2]

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  2. SketchUp Ruby Documentation Page 1.

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