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A demo application of SproutCore
Developer(s) Sproutit, Apple Inc. and community.
Written in Ruby/JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
License MIT License
Website http://www.sproutcore.com/

SproutCore is an open-source JavaScript framework. Its goal is to allow developers to create web applications with advanced capabilities and a user experience comparable to that of desktop applications. When developing a SproutCore application, all code is written in JavaScript (including the view layer in 1.0). SproutCore, initially created in 2007 by Sproutit as the basis for their Mailroom application, is available under the MIT License.

Apple announced MobileMe at WWDC in 2008, noting that much of it was built using SproutCore. Apple has contributed greatly to the project as part of a Web 2.0 initiative. SproutCore is also used at iWork.com, the online extension of the iWork productivity software by Apple.

Latest stable SproutCore release is 0.9.23 and 1.0, a major milestone with significant improvements, is scheduled for release summer 2009.

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