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TV's server
File:Tv's server v.200.jpg
Developer(s) TV's software
Stable release 2.05 / December 13, 2008; 424485418 ago
Operating system Windows
Type Web server

TV's webserver is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server; the first release was on 14 June 2007. Installation packages with or without PHP are available. A user can use a user-friendly interface to remotely configure the server using a web-interface that runs on port 81. The server has been made in Assembly language; that is why it uses less than one megabyte of memory.



The server has a web-based administration that is accessed using port 81. The administration pages can be protected with a user account with digest access authentication. Because the server is a 32bit program, it can only count up to 49 days. After the 49 days, the server will not work correctly. The server has a feature to automatically restart the computer after 49 days of running. You have the possibility to turn this feature off. Since version 1.07 the server supports TCP/IPV6 (version 6). The server can handle Common Gateway Interface programs like PHP, protect directories and files with digest access authentication, listen on more than one port and the server's functionality can be expanded by addins.

Add Ins

TV's server has its own protocol for add ins. An Add In is a DLL file that export the function AddinData. The AddinData function must return things like pointers to functions, (addin) protocol function, name, creator, description. It is also possible to configurate the addins true the web-based administration. There are 3 different addin types:

  • Type 1 is to extend protocols that are http based protocols, like File Transfer Protocol and Simple Mail Transport Protocol.
  • Type 2 was made to check updates for type 1 and 2, but can be used for almost anything.
  • Type 3 is to extend protocols that are non http based protocols, or to encrypt the http protocol like https.

On TV's server addin page are examples available for assembly language and C++. There are also full explanations about each addin. TV's server includes an automatic updater (type 2) that will update itself when a new version is available.

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