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Times Ascent is a weekly supplement of The Times of India newspaper, that is focused on human resource development, employment and job opportunities.[1] The editorial covers future and current trends, and news features, for job seekers and HR professionals. The features are about the changing paradigm of work, the personal fulfillment that the employee seeks, the emotional engagement the employer expects, and the empowerment for both. Times Ascent has 10 editions in the following Indian cities - Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi and Nagpur. </br>



Times Ascent website was launched in January 2007.[2] The website, is an extension of the print version. In the print version, the font of the headline is Myriad Roman, and that of the strapline and the main copy is Pointer OS Display Roman. The various sections of editorial content on the portal are as follows:

  • ‘Gyan Gurus’ are regular columnists who are is industry watchers and experts
  • Thought Pool is a section written by student journalists
  • Ask the Expert Questions are addressed to various experts on human resources and allied fields
  • Live chat sessions are regularly scheduled on the website
  • Books Section is where visitors can also recommend and read reviews of leading management books

Beyond the editorial content, the readers have access to research oriented content

  • executive education options
  • Corporate Social Responsibility activities of various organizations
  • white papers


On February 18, 2009, the career supplement, Times Ascent, underwent a complete revamp. The supplement has embraced a new logo sporting a changed layout, offering more content to the readers. Times Ascent caters to people at all levels, starting from junior to mid and even senior level personnel, across sectors, industries and geographies. The target group is the job seekers, with additional features and news for the Human Resources professionals. The editorial is about talent management features, HR trends and employee-employer centric news. The editorial has a good mix of job seekers and employer centric content.

The Ascent rebranding has been done in consultation with JWT Mindset. Times Ascent has also come out with an automated response tracking software called ‘Ascent Matcher’ for its clients. The sky blue color in the masthead and as a background shade in articles will capture the essence of the opportunities.[1] </br>

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