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Truveo is a search engine for Web video operated by AOL, which based in San Francisco, California. Truveo was founded in 2004 by Timothy Tuttle and Adam Beguelin.[1] Truveo launched its first commercial video search service in September 2005.[2] Truveo was acquired by AOL in January 2006.[3] The name Truveo is a combination of the modern French verb trouver (meaning "to find") and the latin term video (meaning "I see").

In addition to operating its own search engine at, Truveo powers video search on hundreds[4] of websites including AOL Video, AOL Search, Microsoft websites, Sports Illustrated, Brightcove, CBS Radio websites, Qwest, CNET, CSTV, Excite, Flock, Infospace, Kosmix, Netvibes, Pageflakes, Widgetbox, and others.[5][6][7]

Truveo claims to be one of the largest and most widely used video search engines, indexing over 300 million videos and reaching 75 million unique visitors every month across all websites it powers.[8][9][10] As of March, 2008, the Alexa traffic ranking for the website alone was about 600.[11]

As a Web-wide video search engine, Truveo competes with Google Video, Bing Video, and Blinkx among others. Truveo's differentiation lies in its advanced web crawling technology, which it claims can find more videos and better metadata than conventional web crawlers for video.


  • Spring 2004: Truveo was founded by Timothy Tuttle and Adam Beguelin.
  • September 2005: Truveo launches the first version of its Web-wide video search engine.[2]
  • January 2006: Truveo is acquired by AOL.[3]
  • Spring 2006: Truveo powers video search on AOL websites including AOL Video and AOL Search.[12]
  • September 2006: Truveo powers video search on Microsoft websites.[13]
  • September 2006: Truveo launches Developer Program and offers open APIs to developers worldwide.[14]
  • June 2007: Truveo reaches nearly 40 million monthly unique visitors and is adopted by hundreds of new partners.[15]
  • August 2007: Truveo relaunches the website.[16][17][18]
  • Fall 2007: Truveo expands internationally into 16 countries.[19][20]
  • January 2008: Truveo grows to reach 50 million monthly unique visitors and expands index beyond 100 million videos.[8][9][10]
  • June 2008: Truveo launches its new website.
  • December 2008: Truveo grows to reach over 73 million monthly unique visitors (source: comScore) and expands index beyond 300 million videos.
  • June 2009: Truveo launches its new website.[21]
  • July 2009: Truveo VP Pete Kocks cries foul after Google removes Truveo from its search index, however it is later suggested that Truveo was attempting to "game" Google's PageRank system.


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