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Fortitude HTTP
Developer(s) NetworkDLS
Initial release 2008-30-12
Stable release / December 27, 2009; 391738214 ago
Written in C/C++
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Development status Active
Type Web server
License Freeware

Fortitude HTTP is free web server software available for Microsoft Windows created by NetworkDLS. The web server has a fairly complete feature set (such as CGI, SSI and Caching) but lacks higher end features such as SSL. It was however developed with security in mind and "features hundreds of in-depth, behind the scenes security features and a growing number of user defined security features"[1].



The software was in beta from version (2008-30-12) to (2009-23-12) and claims to have been in development for 11 years.[2]

The software was renamed (from "NetworkDLS HTTP Server") after its release from beta which caused its original Wikipedia article to be deleted in part due to a lack of internet presents under its new name.[3]


The server software is available in two editions


Paraphrased from the application's help file
  • Configuration Compliance
    • Fully configurable through XML and Front end GUI.
    • Site setting are inherited from base settings.
    • General settings (Max connections, byte quotas, etc...)
    • Content compression
    • Compression Caching
    • Default pages
    • Virtual roots
    • Mime Types
    • IP Filters (Low level rejection)
    • URL Filters (Can include URI & request string)
    • Extension Filters
    • Custom filters (DLL Plug-ins)
    • Scripting Engines
    • SSI Files
    • CGI Folders
    • HTTP 1.0 / 1.1
    • Support request Types GET, POST, HEAD, PUT
    • Content ranges (if requested by client)
    • Download resume (if requested by client)
    • Keep alive (if supported by client)
  • Scripting
    • CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
    • Full CGI (Server Side Include) implementation
    • External Scripting engines (e.g. PHP, PERL, Python)
    • Native executables (e.g. exe & com files)
    • Native scripts (e.g. bat & cmd files)
  • Built in Performance
    • Supports compression (GZip / Deflate)
    • Compresses static content with caching
    • Compresses Dynamic content
    • Caching engine maintains most/least used (Hit Rate) items to push items from cache
    • Dynamic connection thread pooling delivers performance & resource efficiency
    • One instance supports 2,500 simultaneous connections
    • Benchmarked at over 50MB/s per connection until thread count reaches thread/CPU limit

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