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Developer(s) Visicron Systems</td></tr>
Initial release ZoomChat on 2005-02-14.</td></tr>
Stable release Template:Latest stable release/VZOchat</td></tr>
Operating system Windows, Windows Mobile</td></tr>
Type VoIP/Instant messaging/Video conferencing client</td></tr>
License Freeware</td></tr>
Website vzochat.com</td></tr>


VZOchat (pronounced as viziochat) is a free software for making video calls and instant messaging. Unlike well-known Skype and other VoIP software, VZOchat is not based on P2P technology. Instead, it uses a central server to handle data flows. As of January 2010, the community of VZOchat users comprised more than 1,100,000 people and rapidly growing.

VZOchat was originally launched under the name ZoomChat on 2005-02-14.

One of the most important issue for VZOchat is a good video connection. As a result, steps were taken to make the messenger operate even with dial-up connections. Features include text chat, ability to work behind firewalls and HTTP-proxies. Currently the software supports Windows and Windows Mobile operating systems.




VZOchat includes free videoconferencing modes - for 6 persons simultaneously seeing each other and for 120 persons seeing two of videoconference members at same time..

Video recording

Video recording is possible in and out the videoconference, with party permission asked.

Web Messenger

VZOchat has web application, built as Browser plugin for Windows. This allows parties to connect via VZOchat without installing standalone application on their computers.

URI scheme

Like Yahoo! Messenger, VZOchat registers URI scheme ("protocol") handler in Windows during installation, so that URIs beginning "vzochat:" can open a new or existing VZOchat window with specified parameters. This is similar in function to the mailto: URI scheme, which creates a new e-mail message using the system's default mail program. For instance, a web page might include a link like the following in its HTML source to start a call to the VZOchat user notauser:

<a href="vzochat:notauser">Call</a>

Offline messaging

Offline messaging, allows online users to send messages to their contacts, even if said contacts are not signed in at the time. The sender's offline contacts will receive these messages when they next go online.

Latest releases

Template:Latest stable release/VZOchat

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