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VisiStat, Inc.
Type Privately Held
Founded 2005
Headquarters California, USA
Industry Web Analytics Solutions, Website Monitoring


VisiStat, Inc.

VisiStat, Inc. is a Web analytics service company, located in San Jose, CA. VisiStat's business model is focused on providing small and medium size business Websites a real-time, graphically-based reporting system with expanded tools for multi-functional Website performance management. The core of VisiStat's analytics reporting is based on snippet-technology, as opposed to server log files. The VisiStat service, accessed at, in lay terms, is a real-time Website traffic reporting tool that dynamically captures visitor habits, search engine keyword usage, geographical location, click path, referral links and many other types of data.

Since its foundation in 2005, VisiStat has continually added new features and developed a product that is unique in its user interface. Among these features is the first reported live-time desktop data stream in the analytics industry, trademarked under the name, StatCasting. StatCasted reports are updated instantaneously as statistical data arrives, enabling entire reports to be completely in motion as updates are made to the user's screen in a “better than real time” format.

VisiStat is user focused, and many of its features and updates are responses to user suggestions and needs, including those related to detecting click fraud. VisiStat is a subscriber-based service, with options available for resellers and white label applications.


VisiStat gathers a Website's visitor behavior and analytics data through the inclusion of a small snippet of JavaScript placed by the subscriber on their Website. This code snippet is invisible on the Web page, but records all human activity that occurs on the Website. VisiStat's technology does not capture bot or Web crawler activity, only human visitors.

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