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Type Private
Founded 2005
Headquarters Sunnyvale, CA
Industry Downloadable media advertisinfg
Website http://www.volomedia.com

VoloMedia is a Sunnyvale, California based advertising network that has developed technology to enable advertisements to be dynamically inserted into downloadable audio and video, such as podcasts. Large media publishers such as Public Radio International, MSNBC and Fox News[1] utilize their technologies in order to provide free downloadable programming. The company is funded by venture capital firms Mayfield Fund, Sutter Hill Ventures and Worldview Technology Partners.

VoloMedia is a founding member of the Association for Downloadable Media.


VoloMedia was founded in 2005 as Podbridge by Murgesh Navar and Andrey Yruski. The company launched its downloadable audio advertisement network in February 2006.[2] In May of the same year, the company announced support for downloadable video as well.[3] The company changed its name to VoloMedia in November 2007.[4]

In July 2006, the company's advertisement insertion and rotation technologies were awarded a U.S. patent.[5]

In July 2009, VoloMedia was granted US patent 7568213 which they claimed in a press release covered all episodic media downloading, including podcasting.[6] Several news and podcasting sites picked up on this press release, raising fears that the company's claim might be true, but suggested that the validity of the patent was unlikely to stand up under scrutiny.[7][8] The scope of protection provided by a patent is defined by the claims of the patent.[9]

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