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Developer(s) Mihai Bazon
Stable release v0.4 / 25 March 2009
Written in Perl, JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Webmail
License GNU General Public License, Other
Website http://www.xuheki.com

Xuheki is a web-based IMAP client written in Perl. It is completely build upon Ajax technology, i.e. there are no page reloads. Xuheki is released under the GNU General Public License but includes DynarchLIB which is not free software. It uses persistent IMAP connections. The IMAP operations are not handled by the webserver itself, but by a Perl daemon which maintains connection to the IMAP server.

Currently it supports only the Apache webserver and the installation script is written for Debian/Ubuntu based systems. It might nevertheless be easy to install it on every Linux system.


  • multiple IMAP servers, multiple sender identities
  • persistent IMAP connections
  • multiple folders / drag'n'drop
  • support for MIME and character encodings
  • composition of HTML mails.
  • basic address book and auto-completion
  • supports basic IMAP SEARCH/SORT and THREAD operations (can filter the list to display “related messages”).
  • mail filtering as of version 0.4 (via Sieve scripts, needs a ManageSieve server)

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